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Are you replacing your cars for corporate usage? Then switch to Electric. We offer trained drivers for EV, Charging services, Insurance and Maintenance for your EV.

Reducing carbon footprints by way of EV usage has never been so easy. We have two plans for managed EV services
A) - Your organization owns Electric Vehicles (Recommended Plan)
As a part of Ideazfirst One subscription plans we offer: -  
- EV Buying assistance - unbiased research on buying your EV Fleet based on your travel requirements.
- Trained drivers - We offer well mannered and knowledgeable drivers to drive your fleet of 3 wheelers and 4 wheelers.
- Dedicated multi-point AC & DC Chargers - We install all the popular formats of charging stations suitable for all EV brands for example CCS2 (Combined Charging System) that uses both AC and DC charging capabilities at your office parking lot for hassle free & routine EV charging 
- Mobile App - We offer a customized mobile app for trip booking, rescheduling and tracking your EVs. 
- Insurance and routine maintenance 

B) If your organization leases EVs from Ideazfirst & do not own Electric Vehicles
We offer everything above plus EVs in a wet lease postpaid model with a monthly subscription plan. Our monthly contracts with a minimum duration of 3 months and do not offer pay as per usage prepaid model. 
Please fill in this survey for us to understand your travel requirements. 
Let's meet up to discuss your Sustainable Travel solutions. Please contact Rajesh at 9836290990 or email us at for a customised proposal

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