Corporate Electric Car fleets

How can we reduce our carbon footprints and also corporate local travel costs? How can we improve the livelihood of 1,000 taxi drivers and replace their diesel yellow cabs with electric cabs?

Why choose Cabrand for your business commute? introduces reliable, pollution-free Electric cabs in Kolkata with courteous and trained drivers.

Launching shortly a brand-new fleet of Tata Tigor Xpres T Electric sedans in Kolkata, 
EVs are owned and maintained by Ideazfirst for a clean, noise free and vibration free comfortable ride with negligible vehicle breakdowns.

Zero cancellation of trips as drivers are on the payroll of Ideazfirst 

Vehicle Telematics by MapMyIndia where all cabs are being centrally monitored 24 X 7
- Live battery charge status monitoring to eliminate range anxiety.
- Speed monitoring for zero rash driving thereby reduced or no accidents.

Electric taxis help reduce the corporate carbon footprints and also commuting costs by 20% compared to existing private taxi operators, as fuel prices increase.

Easy monthly subscriptions with no minimum hours per day thereby reduced idle time and costs for clients.

No surge pricing - Simple and easy pricing - Please check out for pricing and booking availability. 
You pay only for the duration you use the car for your rides - No garage in Garage out pricing. 
Please click below to fill in the EV interest form below for a customized proposal suiting your needs. 

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