Purpose, Mission & Values

Sustainable Commuting via shared electric cars and electrifying advertising & branding services

Eye catching design and innovative advertising for The India Climate Conference event in Kolkata.

Purpose - To help organizations switch from pure petrol or diesel cars to electric cars. Make optimum usage of an electric car to benefit the companies, passengers, driver community and nature.
Mission - 
Reduce vehicles on road by intelligent shared commuting & thereby reduce traffic congestion
Reduce pollution (Sound, Air, Fire, Water and Earth) 
Offer customized, innovative & measurable advertising. 
Vision - To be the most preferred EV lease & shared fleet operator in the world. 
Values - 
Reliable sustainable commuting solutions taking care of climate & saving the planet. 
Reducing travel expenses for businesses, 
Reducing idle time and increasing income for drivers, 
Electrifying Branding for corporates like advertising on the car bonnet.

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